The name Manto comes from the city where the company was founded, Mantova, in northern Italy. Manto wants to preserve traditional Italian handicraft and therefore has its entire production in Italy. Designers select the finest of fabrics, leathers and details and combine them to produce world-class outerwear.



This Milanese brand was founded in 1969 by Alberto Aspesi and has since then been the epitome of streetwear mixed with history and innovative materials. Packed with details ranging from fun to historically accurate, the brand is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.

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As a young company, started in 1988, Barba Napoli is a bit bolder than its competition with bigger collars and more innovative textures and colours, but still, very delicately keeping it on the right side of style and fashion. Always soft to the touch, whether it be a crisp white formal shirt or a black and red flannel shirt.

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Begg & co

Alex Begg set the foundation in 1866 for what has become one of the leading scarf manufacturers. Now with 150 years of experience this giant is not slowing down in it’s pursuit of being the best that Scotland has to offer, with it’s master craftsmen mixing old and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that the scarf’s are unique and of the highest quality. 

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Founded by two brothers, Mario and Pierluigi, Boglioli is most famous for their soft washed jackets in materials such as cotton and cashmere and the phenomenon “dressed-down tailoring” started with them.

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Passion, experience and creativity. These words are what drives the artisans at Bontoni and the resulting shoes are always unique and extraordinary, expertly crafted by hand, spending almost three days on the finish alone.

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Brunello Cucinelli

1978 Brunello Cucinelli started his company. By coloring cashmere in colors other than the current trend of natural colors, he gained the attention of the market. With its headquarters in Solomeo today the company produces garments of the highest quality and in a more casual style. Layer upon layer, and a mixture of structures in the finest materials characterize Brunello Cucinelli.

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This jeans brand came to be as a result of combining the best respective makers in their own field, from the rivets to the fabric and colour and more, which is why the jeans not only tells who made what, but actually brags about it in total honesty. Great denim paired with well thought out fits equals a great pair of jeans.

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Caruso started out as a pure maker, making suits, jackets and pants to different labels but lately decided to start conquering the menswear world under their own label. Their full canvas clothes with a classic Italian cut and perfect shoulders shows with clarity why Italy simply do it better.

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Cesare Attolini

The crown jewel of all tailoring in Italy, Cesare Attolini works by an easy philosophy; “To always do their work seriously, without looking for easy shortcuts or agreeing to compromise”. This radiates in everything to fabrics and cut and the finishing touches, and it’s no overstatement to call them the best.

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Makers of the greatest ties in the world thanks to a scrupulous attention to the quality of the materials and the cared manufacturing from before “fillers”, the only thing inside a Marinella tie is the fabric itself and its thread holding the seven-fold construction together.

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Fay was created in the mid 80s with a product range of high quality casual wear. The brand is known for its quality craftsmanship, for the excellence of its materials, a meticulous attention to craft details and its high functionality without sacrificing style and quality.

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Family owned since the start in 1925, Finamore Napoli is The second oldest shirtmaker in Italy and lives by the motto: “The devil is in the details”. Details such as the collar, buttons and shoulders is always done by hand and the fabric they use is nothing but the best.

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Frank Clegg

Frank Clegg Leatherworks is recognized as one of the world's leading designers and makers of exceptional luxury leather goods. Founded more than 40 years ago, Frank and his sons now lead a world famous brand favored by discerning customers everywhere.

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It’s under our own label we do collaborations with different makers in different fields, ranging from suits to shoes with focus on great style to an entry level price point, making quality clothes available to all.

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Part of the Slowear family, Glanshirt makes shirt to be worn with “absolute casualness”, reminiscence to the 60s where Saturdays never meant T-shirt, just a less formal shirt. Vintage to the feel but modern to the fit.

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Herno have been producing outerwear since 1948 where form and function always goes hand in hand. Combining high-tech materials like Gore-Tex with cashmere and cotton, no jacket compromises with either style, fit or function.

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Another brand from the Slowear family, Incotex does trousers and does it well. A clear distaste for the “throw-away”-culture in the fashion industry, Incotex makes pants with longevity in mind, in both quality and style.

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Jacob Cohën

Jacob Cohën makes highly luxurious and highly comfortable jeans where everything is done by hand and with the best possible materials you can think of.

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Since the foundation of the brand in 1978, Lardini has successfully combined traditional craftsmanship with the use of innovative materials and a modern fit. Slim, but not tight. Modern, but not crazy. They even started the lapel-decorating-craze, but with a tastefulness of course.

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Loro Piana

Started in 1924 as not just among the greatest, but The greatest fabric makers in the world and has since been making fabrics for some of the most prestigious brands in the fashion world. 20 years back they started making clothes and accessories under their own label with a timeless Italian design combined with fabrics such as Vicuna wool, Baby Cashmere and butter-soft suede.

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Massimo Alba

Born in 2006 with the name of the creator, Massimo Alba is all about memories and what the clothes tell us. Made by hand in Italy to the highest standards characterised by unstructured tailoring, washed materials and casual luxury.

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A humble shirtmaker from the town of Bari, located at the east coast of Italy, Mazzarelli carries a humble price point while still retaining the handcrafted details of hand-attached collars and shoulders. Humble shirt, humble pricing.

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Orazio Luciano

Orazio Luciano offers the foremost in modern tailoring. The ready-to-wear collection includes a craft of high quality fabrics with a modern touch that has been recognized and praised by many prestigious professionals over the years.

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Orlebar Brown

“Tailored shorts that you can swim in”.  London-based Orlebar Brown launched in 2007 as a tailored approach to swimwear and has quickly established itself as the best maker of swim shorts. Whether it be swim shorts polo shirts, the tailored fit is always present.

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Everything began in 1962 with Ampelio Rota, who started making pants. His idea was simple, to offer beautifully cut, perfectly fitting trousers made with the best fabrics.
Although 50 years have elapsed since its inception, Rota products have not changed. Every pair of pants are manufactured in the company-owned workshop in Fidenza near Parma where each stage of the process is still monitored by the Rota family.

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Sunspel is a manufacture of luxury everyday clothing. it’s what they’ve been doing since 1860 and it’s traceable in everything they produce to this day, whether it be a sweatshirt in loopback fabric or a T-shirt in the finest Egyptian cotton.

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Walter Martiny started producing shoes with vulcanized rubber sole in 1911, believe it or not, and its classic Superga 2750 has been an icon ever since. The 2750 is a casual shoe that goes as well with a cotton suit as a pair of shorts at the beach.

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The Bespoke Dudes

Founded by the man behind Italy’s leading blog on menswear, Fabio Attanasio, with focus on three staples; Craftmanship, Heritage and Timelessness. The frames are handcrafted in Italy from solid blocks of acetate into timeless designs with a modern twist with no compromise to quality.

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The Gigi

The boglioli brothers new project, the Gigi was born from a drive to invent and explore the fashion industry, pushing the boundaries while still retaining style. Leaving a successful brand behind (the one bearing their last name) every The Gigi-garment carries the creed; “Don’t look back”.

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Cutting-edge techniques with avant-garde experimentation and natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and cashmere is what defines Zanone, the knitwear experts in the Slowear family. Modern clothes with a modern fit.

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